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Installation (On Premise only)


Buy a license in our webshop. You wil receive the download links. The downloads will also be available under My Account.

This zip-file contains the following files

  • OCRDocs for Business Central 14.app
  • App Authenticator for Business Central 14.app

Place these apps in folder c:\Install\

Add Q-Team apps to your license

Your license partner must a the following modules to your On Premise license (flf).

  • Q-Team Authenticator
  • NAVDocs

Upload your license in Business Central

Prepare your Business Central On Premise for installing apps

To use apps in your Business Central On Premise installation you or your license partner must do the following steps.

  1. On the server create symbol-files. Run therefore the following statement.
finsql.exe Command=generatesymbolreference, Database=<Database>, ServerName=<ServerName>

For more information see: Running C/SIDE and AL Side-by-Side – Business Central | Microsoft Docs

2. Copy system.app from DVD to c:\Install\

3. Run the following Power Shell script to install the app.

Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance -Path "C:\INSTALL\system.app" -PackageType SymbolsOnly

Publish and install the apps

  1. Run the following Power Shell script in Dynamics NAV Development Shell to publish the app.
Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance <ServerInstance> -Path "C:\INSTALL\App Authenticator for Business Central 14.app"
Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance <ServerInstance> -Path "C:\INSTALL\OCRDocs for Business Central 14.app" 

2. Login to Business Central and go to “Extension Management”. Click on Q-Team App Authenticator – Legacy and Install the app.

3. Click on OCRDocs for Business Central 14 and Install the app.

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