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Edit In Outlook

Wanting to send your Dynamics 365 Business Central emails with Outlook?

With Dynamics 365 Business Central you can easily send sales documents as a PDF or as an electronic document via email to your customers. And you can create beautiful email templates in the style of your company. But with standard Dynamics 365 Business Central you can’t send them with Outlook, from your own email address.

With Edit in Outlook you can. Send your sales and purchases quotes, orders and invoices with Outlook. Use the email templates from Dynamics 365 Business Central. And easily open and edit your outgoing emails within Outlook. After sending, the email is stored in your personal Send Items in Outlook. Various documents such as orders and invoices can be sent directly from Business Central via e-mail as a PDF or as an electronic document.

In this documentation you can find steps and instructions on how to use, install and profit from the Edit in Outlook app.


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