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Q-Team meets IT talent of the future!


So nice to meet the IT talent of the future! Today Matthijs was our guest. As part of career orientation, pre-university education students visit companies and spend a day with them. After the mutual introduction, Matthijs participated in an internal professional training for colleagues and observed a number of employees. His relevant questions testified [...]

Q-Team meets IT talent of the future!2024-02-29T15:36:43+00:00

Tetiana Alenych introduces herself!


My name is Tetiana Alenych, I am a Technical Consultant at Q-Team Solutions. My main focus will be on developing and testing applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power Portal. In addition to application development, I'll be taking on the responsibility of data analysis, ensuring that our data is not only accurate [...]

Tetiana Alenych introduces herself!2024-02-22T16:01:49+00:00

New product: Address Details


Do you still cut and paste an address from Business Central into Google Maps or the BAG Register for more information about that address? Save time and make your work easier with our address app. This app adds a button next to each address in Business Central. With one click you will receive all [...]

New product: Address Details2024-02-21T15:21:08+00:00

Bart van Tongeren introduces himself!


My name is Bart van Tongeren, Technical Consultant at Q-Team Solutions. Within the company, my focus encompasses various tasks, including developing customized functionalities for Business Central, creating standard apps, and building solutions with the Power Platform. Additionally, I am responsible for the release management of our apps, often utilizing tools such as AL-Go, GitHub, [...]

Bart van Tongeren introduces himself!2024-01-25T12:52:32+00:00

10 years Q-Team Solutions B.V.


Q-Team Solutions has been around for 10 years! 🎉 Our team recently celebrated our 10th anniversary: ​​we visited the city center of our beautiful Utrecht and climbed the highest church tower in the Netherlands (112.3 meters and 465 steps!). The climb symbolized the great achievements we have achieved as a team! We concluded with [...]

10 years Q-Team Solutions B.V.2024-01-25T12:14:12+00:00