Business Central

Business Central

59,00 excl. BTW / month

Automatiseer al je processen met Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, de alles-in-één oplossing voor organisaties, van Microsoft. Business Central is eenvoudig in het gebruik en aan te passen aan de manier waarop jij werkt.


  • 24/7 Online support
  • Bewerking in Outlook – app
  • Telebankieren – app


Automate all your processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the all-in-one solution for organizations, from Microsoft. Business Central is easy to use and adapt to the way you work. It is designed to be used as a cloud solution. But of course, you can also install Business Central on your own server.

Combine Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Power Apps and/or Portals to involve external customers and partners in your business processes.

Streamline and optimize your activities with Power Automate!




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